The Three Musketeers : Steampunk version of an old tales

When the arrogant young D’ Artagnan about to go to Paris to become a musketeers, his father told him to get into trouble and make mistakes. Well, he takes that advice a bit too seriously. First, he got into a fight with Rochefort and almost end up getting killed. Luckily, Milady save him because he was too pretty. Then, he manage to arrangea duel with the three musketeers , all of them. Fortunately, the cardinal’s army got there just in time to attack all of them. And of course, D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis join forces to wipe out the cardinal’s army.

And that’s the beginning of their journey to save France from the double agent and her evil employer

Oh well, let’s just forget about the way-too-easy-and-predictable-stories-with-all-the-plotholes, shall we? Mengingat ini filmnya Paul W.S. Anderson, kayaknya jauh lebih masuk akal kalau kita fokus aja ke actionnya, yang memang jauh lebih menarik.

Paul W.S. Anderson gak hanya menyajikan adegan adu pedang yang lumayan keren, tapi juga perang skala besar di udara antara 2 flying ship yang bahkan bisa bikin para shichibukai nangis ngiri. Ditambah dengan setting yang oke dan kostum yang tetep terlihat fashionable dan timeless (except for the young King Louis’s clothes. And Duke of Buckingham’s villain hair style. And D’Artagnan’s pretty long hair)

Untuk urusan akting sih ya sejujurnya so-so semua. Gak ada yang terlalu berkesan dan membekas. Christoph Waltz sebagai villain, Milla Jovovich sebagai agen ganda yang jahat tapi skesi, Logan Lerman yang (lagi – lagi) jadi karakter jagoan baru yang sombong dan minta digaplok, dan Orlando Bloom sebagai Duke yang kelihatannya pengen banget jadi jahat. Paling yang memorable cuma Freddie Fox sebagai raja muda yang insecure dan gak pede.

Sayang juga sih ya gak bisa liat versi 3Dnya, yang kayaknya bakal jauh lebih menyenangkan. Afterall, it’s the kind of movie where you just have to sit back and enjoy the show. The old tales? Well, just count it as a bonus, along with Luke Evans and Logan Lerman’s pretty faces :p

Oh, and i’ll be waiting for the sequel, Mr. Anderson :3

Rate : 3 / 5


Director : Paul W.S. Anderson. Writer : Alex Litvak and Andrew Davies. Released on : 21 Oktober 2011. Casts : Matthew Macfayden, Milla Jovovich,Luke Evans, Logan Lerman, Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz


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